Thursday, March 20, 2014

QOTD - Catching Up

"Happiness is the child of sweat." Lugbara proverb

If the QOTD is correct, then I must be happy as a clam these days. After a couple of weeks of riding the temperature roller-coaster, from balmy to frigid (or the other way 'round) in 18 hours, I wasn't surprised to catch a whopping seasonal cold. When it comes to colds, I've learned I get through it best by going old school: plenty of fluids; no dairy or chocolate; and early to bed, with a gulp of aspirin and a slather of Vicks. That last bit explains the sweating.

And the whole having a cold thing explains why I've missed a couple of days of posting. I apologize to my regular readers; but I know you'll understand (having had many a cold yourself).

Just for the record, here are the two quotes I missed posting:

Yesterday, March 19:
"If you don't blow your own horn, there's no music." Mario Cuomo, American politician

and Tuesday, March 18:
"I see thee better -- in the Dark." Emily Dickinson, American poet

Quotes-of-the day from the 2014 Keep Calm & Carry On desk calendar

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