Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As promised, here are the collected tweets of Margret Mylton of Roanoke.  To see what I have to say about month 2 of the Extreme Writing experience, visit Light Up the Cave
tomorrow.  And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow to meet your narrator for the month of September! 

*It gets no easier to keep the Sabbath.  My Spirit yearns but there is 2  much needs doing. Will this Rough Land ever b home?
*Minded young Virginia.  It pains me 2 think my own Danyel wld have been Walking by now.  I worry for the one I carry.  I must b Strong
* Walked on the Sand. Sea so lovely! Sandpipers :)  Laughed and cried.  Am so foolish when I’m gravid – happysadhappysad! 
*Good thing about Drowt? --Wot Herbs did survive it have dried well. In this if nothing else r stores will suffice.
*Properly roasted over coals, Snake tastes more like Chyken than like Eel.  Can this b dried as Croatoans do Meat? 
*W. Sole is indeed courting Roanoke Maid.  Neither village happy.  Sole warned 2 b Cautious.  We may have 2 leave sooner than planned
*Thot I lost my best Needyl! Praise, twas stuck in my good Cap.  Good cap getting less so.  Soon we may have to leave off Caps.    
*After prayers, read in my commonplace Book.  Surprised how much I have learned and writ about Herb Lore these 2 years. 
*Weary of crab and Fyshe. Know I shld b Grateful but yearn so for Meat.  Dreamed last nite of venison.
*Next deerskin -- if ever -- Joan & I will try 2 make some Mocka-san boots as they do.  R boots are nought but Patch
* Manteo brought herb woman 2c Samuel.  Poultice new 2 me. Must learn 2 speak their language. I say Magwitch repeatedly; think this is thnx
*Geese in Flyte. Tom & Sole browt some Down w theyr Bows.  Manteo much impressed. Now this land 2 will speak of the skill of English Archers!
*Dare 2 rtn with Manteo & be our Scout.  He takes with him all our questions & Prayers.  Ellenor shews her Sire’s dignity & Blinks not.
*Rain @ last!  2 layt for Growing & not much. Enuf 2 refresh.  Stood with Elinor & Agnes behind woodpile in r shifts with Hair down.  Ahh!!
*Samuel is failing. Special prayers for him @ Service, but fear tis God’s Will he leave us. We have Lost so many.
*Samuel has Passed.  He will be much mourned. My Thomas looks so thin & worn. I reach for him often & Fear to find him Gone.
*Used the last of the Weet Flowr 4 a rising.  The starter I have from my Mother's Hearth.  My heart breaks. I must find a Way to keep it live.
*So much rendered Goose Grease 2 store but where? Finally a use 4 chamber Pot Gov Whyte left behind with Ellenor!
* Elennor 2 is again w child. We wept 2gether & swore 2 b Mothers & Sisters to 1 another.  What would I b without her & Joan & Agnes?
* I wld lief bury my Commonplace Book 4 them 2 find. Thom says foolish; where we r going,  I will need what Wisdom it contains
* children must learn their Letters.  Idea! will make chapbooks from Byrch. Ash & Grease, 4 ink we have in surfeit! good project 4 Winter
* After Prayers, Thom & I walked on the Sand & unburdened our Hearts. There is a Blessed Peas from this, & Lyteness
* We cannot have enuff Baskets!  We Weeve endlessly, fingers Chapt & Bleeding. Agnes most resorsfull but still we wurry we have 2 few Reeds. 
* Not kynd to Laff @ those boys, but so funny to see Feathers everywhere!  Next time, they’ll know to ask the Women to do it!
* Dare rtnd, Praise Him. So much 2 tell. Agnes most excited – there will be Clay 4 her. Am pleased 4 her gladness; she has suffered so.
* The men are taking down the buildings.  Must save all Nayles & hinges.  All ironwerk more Precious to us now than Gold.
* Just as it took Root, our small bit of England must be Dug Up again!  We women will not leave our Rosemary & Lavender & brier Rose.
*Sole has gone.  What he did not Take was left on his pallet with a Note saying Godspeed.  Godspeed to him & his Crenepo, if 2 her he went.
*Our last Sabbath on this Spot.  We shall build a Tabernacle in the Wilderness.  Yet again.  Praise Him keep us.
* 2nite we Feast on all we will not Carry.  We wear what Best we have, & sing & Dance in joyful Festival.  We must meet the future with Joy
*Can w8 no longer. Thomas is carving a message in the tree 4 Govnr White.  Croatoan. He will understand. Yrs Margret Mylton

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing Your Narrator for August!

Despite their joint lack of prospects, Margret, the middle of seven children and one of three daughters of a Clapham farrier, had married Thomas, a London bricklayer and tiler, recently articled.  The Myltons had been married little more than a year when Thom was enticed by the adventure proposed by a fellow bricklayer working at St. Bride's Church.  In 1587, the Mytons left London with Ananias Dare and his wife Eleanor, to forge a new life in the New World, in a place called (after its native inhabitants) Roanoake.