Tuesday, August 31, 2010


As promised, here are the collected tweets of Margret Mylton of Roanoke.  To see what I have to say about month 2 of the Extreme Writing experience, visit Light Up the Cave
tomorrow.  And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow to meet your narrator for the month of September! 

*It gets no easier to keep the Sabbath.  My Spirit yearns but there is 2  much needs doing. Will this Rough Land ever b home?
*Minded young Virginia.  It pains me 2 think my own Danyel wld have been Walking by now.  I worry for the one I carry.  I must b Strong
* Walked on the Sand. Sea so lovely! Sandpipers :)  Laughed and cried.  Am so foolish when I’m gravid – happysadhappysad! 
*Good thing about Drowt? --Wot Herbs did survive it have dried well. In this if nothing else r stores will suffice.
*Properly roasted over coals, Snake tastes more like Chyken than like Eel.  Can this b dried as Croatoans do Meat? 
*W. Sole is indeed courting Roanoke Maid.  Neither village happy.  Sole warned 2 b Cautious.  We may have 2 leave sooner than planned
*Thot I lost my best Needyl! Praise, twas stuck in my good Cap.  Good cap getting less so.  Soon we may have to leave off Caps.    
*After prayers, read in my commonplace Book.  Surprised how much I have learned and writ about Herb Lore these 2 years. 
*Weary of crab and Fyshe. Know I shld b Grateful but yearn so for Meat.  Dreamed last nite of venison.
*Next deerskin -- if ever -- Joan & I will try 2 make some Mocka-san boots as they do.  R boots are nought but Patch
* Manteo brought herb woman 2c Samuel.  Poultice new 2 me. Must learn 2 speak their language. I say Magwitch repeatedly; think this is thnx
*Geese in Flyte. Tom & Sole browt some Down w theyr Bows.  Manteo much impressed. Now this land 2 will speak of the skill of English Archers!
*Dare 2 rtn with Manteo & be our Scout.  He takes with him all our questions & Prayers.  Ellenor shews her Sire’s dignity & Blinks not.
*Rain @ last!  2 layt for Growing & not much. Enuf 2 refresh.  Stood with Elinor & Agnes behind woodpile in r shifts with Hair down.  Ahh!!
*Samuel is failing. Special prayers for him @ Service, but fear tis God’s Will he leave us. We have Lost so many.
*Samuel has Passed.  He will be much mourned. My Thomas looks so thin & worn. I reach for him often & Fear to find him Gone.
*Used the last of the Weet Flowr 4 a rising.  The starter I have from my Mother's Hearth.  My heart breaks. I must find a Way to keep it live.
*So much rendered Goose Grease 2 store but where? Finally a use 4 chamber Pot Gov Whyte left behind with Ellenor!
* Elennor 2 is again w child. We wept 2gether & swore 2 b Mothers & Sisters to 1 another.  What would I b without her & Joan & Agnes?
* I wld lief bury my Commonplace Book 4 them 2 find. Thom says foolish; where we r going,  I will need what Wisdom it contains
* children must learn their Letters.  Idea! will make chapbooks from Byrch. Ash & Grease, 4 ink we have in surfeit! good project 4 Winter
* After Prayers, Thom & I walked on the Sand & unburdened our Hearts. There is a Blessed Peas from this, & Lyteness
* We cannot have enuff Baskets!  We Weeve endlessly, fingers Chapt & Bleeding. Agnes most resorsfull but still we wurry we have 2 few Reeds. 
* Not kynd to Laff @ those boys, but so funny to see Feathers everywhere!  Next time, they’ll know to ask the Women to do it!
* Dare rtnd, Praise Him. So much 2 tell. Agnes most excited – there will be Clay 4 her. Am pleased 4 her gladness; she has suffered so.
* The men are taking down the buildings.  Must save all Nayles & hinges.  All ironwerk more Precious to us now than Gold.
* Just as it took Root, our small bit of England must be Dug Up again!  We women will not leave our Rosemary & Lavender & brier Rose.
*Sole has gone.  What he did not Take was left on his pallet with a Note saying Godspeed.  Godspeed to him & his Crenepo, if 2 her he went.
*Our last Sabbath on this Spot.  We shall build a Tabernacle in the Wilderness.  Yet again.  Praise Him keep us.
* 2nite we Feast on all we will not Carry.  We wear what Best we have, & sing & Dance in joyful Festival.  We must meet the future with Joy
*Can w8 no longer. Thomas is carving a message in the tree 4 Govnr White.  Croatoan. He will understand. Yrs Margret Mylton

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