Friday, February 14, 2014

QOTD - Yoo-hoo!

"What you seek is seeking you." Rumi, 13th Century Persian poet

And..."Every move you make, I'll be watching you." Sting.  

Sorry. Something about the juxtaposition of the Rumi quote with Valentine's Day made me think of that.

All snark aside, this QOTD makes me sad. Once I believed that somehow someway  the things I sought were seeking me. And to me that meant that someday we were bound to come together. That helped me to stoutly Carry On throughout my childhood and for much of my adult life. But I kept seeking and seeking, and I never was found. And I reached a point when I decided I must accept that I never would be. 

Some will say that I've missed the subtle point, that one's purpose is in the seeking and that finding is irrelvant. Others might determine that my mistake was in seeking what I was never meant to have, and that some entirely unsuspected goal would have brought me happiness or, at least, completeness. People with such perceptions are nobler than I. I am not made of such admirable stuff and freely admit that I find it exhausting to Carry On to no purpose. And so, this quote from Rumi makes me nothing but sad.

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