Monday, July 10, 2017

Once Upon a Time, 3 Girls Fell in Love with a Broadway Show

New York, NY. The gritty 1970s. Chain snatchers and junkies...every park a needle park...subways blind with graffiti. Garbage blew from sidewalk to sidewalk and the smell of bread still rose from the Silvercup factory. Artists and students squatted in ruined neighborhoods, homesteading Soho and the East Village; nobody lived in Brooklyn unless they'd been born there.
But, if you'd caught "red velvet curtain disease," you hardly noticed. Because there was another world, on stage and off. Whether you yearned to make the magic or simply wanted to be close to it, you believed that anything was possible: which it was, even if only for a moment and not exactly as you'd imagined it would be.

I know — I'm the world's worst blogger. It shocked me to see how long it's been since I posted anything here. I'm embarrassed to confess that I rarely have anything interesting to say; and when I do, it usually works it's way into a long book. Which brings me to why I suddenly appear here now, seemingly out of nowhere, with a post.

I'm pleased and proud to announce the publication of my new novel, Chasing Fireflies. It's a story about being young and falling in love with theatre, and it comes with it's own built-in Broadway musical. You can find a sneak peek on my website.

Chasing Fireflies is available at Amazon outlets worldwide, in both paper and Kindle editions (click here for Amazon US).  If you're torn, because you love the smell and feel of printed paper (like I do!) but also enjoy the convenience of ebooks, please note that my Amazon editions are all registered in the "matching" program: if you purchase the paperback, you can download the Kindle edition at no extra charge. And if you have a local indie bookstore you support, you should be able to order the paperback through them in a few more weeks. (if you ARE an indie bookstore, my books are distributed by CreateSpace)

Apologies to all my readers who were hoping for something more bloggy and less ad. I'll never make the grade as a blogger.. This book, and my other books, are really the best way to know what I have  on my mind and in my heart.

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