Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dream: The Future Depends On It

George Takei shared this Neil deGrasse Tyson speech today on The clip is a couple of years old, but it's important to keep this circulating. Because, as Tyson said, we've stopped dreaming. 

Don't "like" or "share" this. Listen to it. Read the transcript that's been posted on Upworthy.

Especially those of you who are young enough to expect to have a long future. Especially those of you who have children or grandchildren. 

The loss of dreams should terrify you. It's a deep ache to me. I grew up in a country that was filled with dreams. Also poverty, prejudice, inequality; economic and political uncertainties... When in human history has all that not been around? But dreams moved us forward and dreams gave us hope. Not dreams about winning the lottery or losing 15 pounds in two painless weeks. BIG dreams: dreams that create community and build worlds. 

When we stop dreaming, we stop. Period. And if this doesn't scare and sadden you, then it's already too late.

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