Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kindle Markdown Event: The Breast of Everything

My version of a post-Holiday sale! 

Whether you're breaking in a new device or just wanting to make the most of that pre-New Year's slump with a cool read, please note that starting on December 26, with a one-day-only bargain basement price of 99 cents, I will be running a special markdown promotion on the Kindle edition of The Breast of Everything on Amazon

I know, I know!  What says post-Christmas better than a book about a talking breast that might's just say She is that She is. Maybe you've been curious, but didn't want to risk the regular price on something that sounded so odd. Maybe you've read the book and liked it, but were leery of recommending it to a friend. Here's your chance to buy or spread the word! 

Those who miss Day 1 will still have two days to practically steal a copy for only 1.99!  That's right: less than the cost of a ride on the NYC subway--and surely equally entertaining! Starting December 29, the price starts inching up: first to 2.99, then 3.99 (12/30) and 4.99 (12/31), before returning to the regular low price of 5.99 on January 1. Shop early for the best price!

Mark your calendar and be sure to share widely! 

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