Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things to do when your brain won't settle down

I want to be making deep inroads into the new WIP, I really do. But my concentration is still playing post-project pinball from launching The Upsilon Knot.

Instead of settling down to the task at hand, like a good little writer, here are some of the things I find myself doing:

  • Basking in the end of summer sunshine in Washington Square Park while indulging in a caramel custard (with yummy figgy topping) from 5 Oz. Factory, and watching tentative trios of film students embark on their maiden forays into University-level filmmaking.
  • Watching reruns of Castle episodes that I've already seen six or seven times and trying to determine which fluctuates more: Nathan Fillion's weight or Stana Katic's hair.
  • Actually following all the links in all of those Facebook posts that I "like." Special thumbs up to Jason Gurley's interview with the wonderful Hugh Howey and David Harrington's piece on the new Yoko Ono album.
  • Engaging in long off-hour text chats with friends who are either more gainfully employed during "normal" hours or live in very distant time zones from mine.
  • Wandering aimlessly through Central Park, somehow inevitably being drawn to the Mall where the benches give me a feeling of stepping back in time. 
  • Escaping into Ben Aaronovich's magical London via the Broken Homes, the latest adventures of Constable Peter Grant.
  • Writing this post!

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