Thursday, August 22, 2013

In honor of the 120th Anniversary of the birth of Dorothy Parker

The Red Dress
by Dorothy Parker

I loved this poem when I was 18.  No surprise that I love it even more now.
Listen to a reading here (or read the text below).

I always saw, I always said
If I were grown and free,
I'd have a gown of reddest red
As fine as you could see. 
To wear out walking, sleek and slow,
Upon a summer's day,
And there'd be one to see me so
And flip the world away. 
And he would be a gallant one
With stars behind his eyes,
And hair like metal in the sun,
And lips too warm for lies. 
I always saw us, gay and good,
High honored in the town.
Now I am grown to womanhood—
I have the silly gown.
         (text printed for educational purposes only)

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