Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaNo 2012: Winning - ish

'Tis the night after Thanksgiving, and I've "won" NaNo.  That means I've managed to cough up 50K words of a new piece of work. More specifically, with seven days still to go, I've managed 51,507 words.  In NaNo terms, that makes me a winner.

I feel a minor tingle of accomplishment and a big wash of relief. NaNo has been especially hard this year, flying without a net. I wasn't all that confident that I had enough in this new project to write about. I'm glad to have been proven wrong. I've made it and with time to spare.

But I seem to be accomplishing less each year, and that's disappointing. Yes, I've got seven days left, but only a few of them hold good blocks of writing time. I know I won't be finishing NaNo with anywhere near a personal best (that remains at the bar I set on Year One), but I'm not even sure I'll pass the 60K mark as I did in both previous years.

Relief is a nice feeling, but it's a passive kind of nice. It would have been nicer to earn some fireworks.

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