Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogspot Reboot -- please note domain change!

With NaNoWriMo only a few days away, I can already feel the energy kicking in! Today I was inspired to do something I really should have done ages ago -- reboot the domain and title of this blog.

When I first started here, I just wanted to try my hand at a blog. I didn't have a website. What I did have was a concept: I was going to try and find the 21st century alternative to novel writing. Hence the name  (and domain) "the blovel experiment."  It was sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, and generally informative.  After I started my first website, I tried to keep this blog site going as well.  The website was, well, a website. This was (theoretically) my spot for experimental writing. Sometimes the only result of an experiment is to learn what not to do and I learned that, whatever exciting new options there might before the next generation of writers, my brain is hard-wired to write long narratives. Time to move on from alternatives and do what makes me happy.

Last year, with Apple dropping their website hosting, I spent a sizable chunk of time setting up a brand new website. An even greater percentage of my writing hours was spent on the publishing of my novel, The Breast of Everything. Between the two, I didn't do much blogging at all, and whatever I did was focussed towards the website.

I kept wondering what to do about this blog. Just turn it off? Leave it static but redirect people to my website? For the longest time, I did absolutely nothing. I recently decided it would be nice to have a place for those random thoughts and observations that I'd like to share but which don't merit a full blog entry on the website. It occurred to me that I already had a place. I'm still not certain exactly how I'm going to juggle this with the website, but at least I've renamed the domain and title so that they align.

Now I'm about to disappear from both blogs and websites for a month and do nothing but write fiction!

(want to see how I'm doing? Check the NaNo counter in the sidebar)

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