Monday, October 10, 2011

Here we go again!

No apologies for the five month gap in posting.  Sometimes it's just not a priority.  

In the interim, I started a new job.  The timing couldn't have been better for writing, as the period of adjustment has ended just in time for me to be able to gather my energies and gear up for another NaNoWriMo blitz.

Yes, I know. I KNOW!  I still haven't finished last year's project (though I promise you I am still eking it out). Thing is, no matter how diliatory I am the rest of the year, NaNo gives me a giant push; last year I churned out more in that one month than I would otherwise have produced in ten. And for this year's NaNo, instead of plunging into something that requires research and timelines and such time-consuming fiddles, I'm sticking to the here and now and starting a jolly little workplace comedy. At least I hope it'll be a comedy!  I seem to have mislaid my funny, which used to be my stock in trade, and I want to get it back. 

I will once again keep myself honest by putting my count icon up on this site.  If time permits, I'll put up a the occasional status post as well.  If you're reading this -- thanks for your support!

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