Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Full Blast from Pompeii

As promised, here are the collected tweets of Vibiana of Pompeii.  For some writerly impressions of first month of Extreme Writing, visit me @ Light Up the Cave
And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow to meet your narrator for the month of August! 

* Got new sandals @ the forum.  Exquisitus maior! Greek, of course. They always make the best.  $$$, but Caius says I have pretty feet : )
* Poor Arva.  Another marriage negotiation come to 0.  She sez she’d rather join the vestals.  Her pater sez not with his fortune she’s not
* The earrings Rufus gave Nicia -- sooo bellus!  Silver lilies with pearl.  Wonder if Caius will ever give me jewels.  Sigh.
* Walking by the Lupanare. Iulia stared @ the girls in coin girdles. Child thought they were princesses. LOL!  Sandals pinch, but still bellus
* The Oracle is spouting direness.  Nicia says nobody listens 2 oracles any more.  Banquet 2morrow @ Celia's
* Never NEVER hire those Frankish acrobats 4 yr banquet.  Total disaster!  I thot Celia wld die!
* Scandal! Rufus gave Daria the same earrings as Nicia!  Guess he thot they still weren’t speaking.  They r n’t now!  
* Still on the waiting list @ bibliotheca 4 that scroll of Silo the Younger.  Arva says it’s trash.  I can only hope, LOL!
* Went 2 gather wax for thread.  Bees are gone.  Weird. Logas says it’s a bad omen.  I say that’s slave superstition.  Thots, any1?
*  Nicia’s dropping Rufus 4 Zeno.  He may b old & lame, but has $$$ and wld never give 2 woman the same jewel. He has sweet smile.
*  Saw Caius & his Pater @ the forum looking v serious.  Talking about me?? Ye gods! I’m going 2 fast 2nite & make an offering @ dawn 
* No sleep last night. Caius outside temple - had 2 hide so he wldn't c me w circles under eyes. So much hope offering was pleasing.
*  Banquet @ the Satria.  Rufus with Daria. Nicia so drunk, she tried 2 dance w that bronze faun that stands by the impluvium.  Zeno not : )
*  Nicia's cousin Marius sez Caius' Pater doesn't think my familia is high enough 4 him.  How mean is that?!  I h8 Marius
* the Cassii are visiting from Rome. 1st time since Sextus died. So much sadness for that familia. There will be many banquets now :)
* I wanted 2 make an egg dish 4 cena 2day, but there were hardly any. The slaves says the hens have almost stopped laying. Very strange
* Many banquets indeed! Every1 is after new tunics. Eumachian stalls look like a sardine run. Pater must allow me or what will Caius think?
*  Ye gods! What is Pater thinking? ! don't care who his people r! Varus is a baby and his skin is like bad fish.  O Caius, save me!
* Arva’s reading Naturalis Historia – & liking it! No wonder her Pater is tearing his hair out.  She’ll never find a husband that way.
* Saw that new wrestler over @ the palaestra. Fervens maxiumus! Nicia practically drooling.  Thot  Zeno wld have a fit – then where wld she b?
*  The Vulcanalia games will b the best ever!  The Satria have asked me 2 sit in their box. Now Pater must let me have a new tunic!
*  Fresco @ villa of Julia Felix w a satyr that looks exactly like Rufus – swear 2 the gods!  U totally have 2 c this!  
*  Doleo!  Caius' pater has contracted him 2 Tertia of the Cencii.  That's why they came 2 town.  I hate the Cencii!  Caius 2! I want 2 die!!!
* Plume of smoke from the mtn. Not only Iulia sez so.  C if I care! What good wld the Cencii do Caius then? Mater sez don't b stupid
* Tertia of the Cencii is only 12 & flat as a boy. Arva sez since Sextus died last yr, dowry is plurimus maximus. O greedy Caius, U slay me!
* Dark circles from crying.  Mater sez if I appear in Satria box like this I'll never find husband. She told Pater I must have new tunic.
* More smoke. Mater worried. They're sacrificing 5 white calves @ Temple of Jupiter. Pater says that shld do the trick, esp w games so soon
*  Games will b torture!  Marius sez Caius is making public appearance with Cencii. Their box next 2 Satria. I will take poison & die b4 I go!
* Thx Mater 4 new tunic. Exquisitus maior! No1 wld ever take me 4 a boy - even Nicia wishes she had my shape. Caius will b sooo sorry!
* Games mirabilis!  Turns out I was invited 4 Satria cousin who looks like Apollo.  Talked 2 me the whole time. Caius burning. Who cares?!
* Something has happened. Sky is black with. Feel heat.  Must run NOW.  F U read this, pray 4 us!

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