Friday, June 25, 2010

New Blovel Project Starting July 1

Yes, you read that right!   My next adventure in post-digital fiction will make its debut on July 1.  The new project, like the last one, will run through Twitter.

I read three main categories of tweets.  There are tweets from companies (or people who are companies), which are out there for marketing, keeping a profile high and maybe occasionally giving some useful information.  There are rollouts, usually intense bombardments over a narrow period of time, to get the word out about an event/disaster/cause.

And then there are the brain farts.  Sorry, but I've mulled this over for hours and there's simply no more elegant way to describe them.  This is what most of us do -- blurt out whatever is in our heads at the moment.  Off to the mall; fingers crossed they have the jeans!  Why do cafeteria's always smell like tuna and oranges?  Fat sweaty guys should have to wear shirts on the subway.  How can the beach be closed on the hottest day of summer??

Those kinds of things.

SO, figuring that while times change, people really don't, I started wondering about what people might have tweeted once upon another time.  For the new project, I'll be picking a different time and place each month, and putting myself in the head of someone who might have lived then/there.  Not rulers or genius or people who otherwise wandered into recorded history. Just ordinary people.  Like me.  Like us. And every day of that month, in the voice of that person, I'll be issuing one tweet.  Together, each month's tweets will have a story arc.  I'm committing to a series of three sets, to run over July, August and September.

Readers can follow me on Twitter (@loriberhon) and read the tweets as they're posted.  Alternatively, they can be read altogether, at month's end when the month's entire set of tweets will be gathered into a single post right here on the Blovel blog site.

The next post on this website will introduce your Guest Tweeter for the month of July.

be seeing you!


  1. Oy...this now means I have to get into the Twitter world which I have thus far been proud to has resisted...or maybe there's a way to access tweets online? Either way, it's worth it! Looking forward to the July 1 debut.

  2. Hej...I can read the twitter updates online...very groovy. Like the first tweet...